Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Steeple FAQ

Steeple FAQ

What size steeple will look right on my building? How can I help minimize wind and weather damage over time? These may be some of the questions bouncing around in your head if you are looking to purchase a new fiberglass church steeple. Church Outlet offers a wide variety of sizes, styles and options. Here are some tips for selecting the right steeple for your church, and an explanation of some of the options available.

What is the Right Size Steeple For My Building?

As a rule of thumb, your steeple height should match the height of your building from the ground to the peak. The width should be approximately 10% of your building width.

What Will the Wind and Weather Do to My Steeple?

Wind loading, Overturning Moment, and Roof Calculations are all terms given to determine how much force a steeple places on a roof. Under calm conditions, a steeple only places weight directly down on a roof surface. However, under windy conditions the steeple is a flat surface that is against the wind causing resistance. This results in uplift and down force. Uplift is on the windward side and is the amount of pressure that is applied to the anchoring system in an upward motion. Down force is on the opposite side and is the amount of pressure that is pressing down on the roof surface. These calculations must be completed by a licensed engineer for your state and varies by location and size of the steeple.

How Can I Protect My Steeple from Lightning?

This is a detail you don’t want to neglect. A burned steeple is not a pretty sight, and difficult if not impossible to repair. We offer a simple solution in our Lightning Protection option. This is simply a solid aluminum or copper rod that extends above the highest point of the steeple. It is connected via a flexible copper or aluminum cable to a solid copper rod that is driven into the ground. Specific details about how the cable is to be routed and the distance that the ground rod is to be in the ground varies by region. You will want to consult your local building inspections department for specific requirements in your area.

What Type of Anchoring is Required?

Steeples are anchored directly to the roof support system. In the case of a truss system, anchor beams are attached across several trusses. A metal or masonry building also has the steeple attached directly to the roof support system. Your building style and material will determine the correct anchoring system. Consult your building contractor and inspection department for the proper anchoring system.

What is a Ball and Cross?

An optional cross may be added to any of our steeples. The ball is used to create a smooth transition from the spire to the cross. The cross may be made from fiberglass, aluminum, copper, or any other material. It is recommended that the cross be made from fiberglass to ensure proper bonding and to reduce electrical conductivity.

How Can I Make My Steeple Look Unique?

To customize or enhance the beauty of a standard steeple you may include decorative panels. These can range from louvers to windows to religious symbols.

Louvers may be false to give the appearance of functioning louvers or they may be operational. Operational louvers may be vented and screened. Venting allows sound or air out of the steeple and screening keeps birds and other things out of the steeple. Speakers, bells, and carillon systems may be added to the inside of steeples with the proper amount of interior clearance.

Windows are available on most models. The window has a fiberglass frame and panes. The glass may be made from plate glass, stained glass, acrylic, or krinklglas. Krinklglas is a faux stained glass available in many colors and styles. It is made from fiberglass and is durable and weather resistant.

What Color/s are available for my Steeple?

The standard color for most steeples is white. However, all units may be custom painted to accent the roof or building color.

If you still have questions about purchasing a fiberglass steeple feel free to contact us or check out our website at www.churchoutlet.com